Monday, November 12, 2007


We will be filming HSM 3 On January,I hope we won't fight again.The HSM 3 Logo Is already out,Its on my friendster profile check it out,I did not tagg it so i hope posers don't steal it.The tittle is Haunted High School Musical Gradu-Dance.I'm not allowed to tell tips okay?Kenny's orders!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Wanna send me fan mails?

Wanna send me fan mail?Just send it to...

Ashley Tisdale Fan Mail

San Diego, Ca

PO Box 67204

LA, Hollywood 92105


Stelz belated birthday party

U remenber Stella Hudgens right?Nessa's lil sis, we've decided to held a belated birthday party for her.Me,Jen,nessa,Zac,Jared.Brittany,nikki,Shannel,Melissa,Hayden,Hils,Shelly ,Brenda r all going.We celebrating it in California.Do u want to come to the party?I'm sure u do,so go to and answer all the questions on the quiz,If u get the highest marks,You'll win a trip to California and celebrate Stella's birthday with us!Don't miss this first ever last time chance,so hurry up only 200 people can take the test.

Miley World

OMG!Miley has invited me and some of her friends to Miley World I'm so excited!!!But i don't know what to wear!Pls give me comments on my outfit okay?Love ya Bye!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

What when i doing these days

Well i've been busy with THE SUIT LIFE OF ZACK AND CODY, AND FILMING PICTURE THIS.Going to premeires and i might be doing a new album next year.I hope u enjoy Last Chrismas and headstrong.When i'm bored I'll ring my besties or either hang out with Jared.If i'm sad I'll just stay in my room and talk to Blondie,sometimes my sis a.k.a Jen gives me advice.
I'm sorry if some of u hate me, but i'm just me.I love to go roller blading with Brenda and Shelly they r also my besties.I usually go shopping with nessa,Miles,Hayden and Hils.I like to go with Hayden cause i love her style so much!Anyway pls comment my blog okay?Love ya all! Ash

Websites that i own

Hey guys,They r lots of posers out there so i just want to tell u my websites, and last but not least my music page

Those r my only websites that i own okay? Love ya xoxAshxox